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Please advise me a service where I can really quickly share snapshots of my working process in Illustrator or Photoshop online. I have SnagIt utility to make screenshots of any part of the screen, not necessarily the whole screen. Then I can save the PNG file to the disk or send it to email or something other. Then I would like to add some comments there. Ideally I would like to choose a part of the design, push a button to take a screenshot, enter some comments and push another button to send it, no more actions required. Obviously, may be I ask for too much. So, what can you advise? Thanks!


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What operating system? – SleighBoy Dec 7 '10 at 12:00
SnagIt can also upload to any FTP server or screencast.com & also features an editor and annotator - not sure why you don't want to use SnagIt – Sathya Dec 8 '10 at 5:36

check out http://dribbble.com/ There is a huge wealth of in progress projects posted. Users have the ability to vote, love and make suggestions on your work.


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