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Are there any hosted online calendars that wrap event names in the month view? I've looked at Google, Yahoo, Live, and a bunch of other little calendars, and so far, none of them wrap the text.

Here's an example of a calendar that does not wrap text (Google):

Here's an example of what I want:

Obviously I've found one calendar that wraps text, but it is a Joomla plug-in, and the interface for managing events is pretty bad. I was hoping to find a calendar web app to replace it with. I am willing to pay a monthly fee for this calendar—free is not a requirement.

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1 Answer 1 has an outstanding service. First calendar is free, up to 8 more for $20 a year.

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I ran a quick test on that site (had never heard of it before), and it does appear to wrap the text on long entry names, so it could be a solution. – Andrew Maiman Sep 18 '11 at 13:03
Please disclose any affiliation. – w3d Oct 2 at 9:02

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