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I found similar answers on the another question Recommendation for a web app to track Time, like a Time Clock at work? that listed time tracking applications, but none of them seemed to be what I'm looking for. Also, I'm not sure if this is a question for here, or ServerFault.Com, because what I'm looking for could be enterprise-class time tracking server implementation.

I'd like a software package, or web 2.0 app hosted by someone that: User-side

  1. Facilitates users inputting their hours each day or week
  2. Submitting hours like time sheets for given periods (usually weekly and bi-monthly)
  3. Manager view and rollups, potentially customizable.
  4. A mobile experience available -- iPhone/Blackberry apps, or a mobile enhanced website for inputting hours.

IT/Company side

  1. Would like the UI to be brandable with our company colors and logos
  2. External APIs for exporting data.
  3. Optional APIs for placing data -- i.e., maybe this is a way to create our own branded application
  4. Ideally, we could integrate this into the look/feel of our existing web infrastructure
  5. Ideally, there's pricing for 500+ users
  6. I would like to stay away from a lot of the web apps out there that are designed for 1 to 5 users -- and priced accordingly.
  7. There should be management views in the application
  8. Potentially self-hosted

What it Doesn't need to do is facilitate micromanaged user time, i.e., no inputting things like "spent 15 minutes writing email to lawyer", etc...

Thanks for any suggestions

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I've looked at about 20 different web-apps, and many of them fall into the task-based time tracking category. I.e., enter a task, and how long it took. This ISN'T what I'm looking for. I just want the ability to enter time ranges, i.e., In at 8:00 am, out at 12:00pm; in at 1:00 pm, out at 6:00 pm...etc. –  taudep Dec 10 '10 at 13:44

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Take a look at Paylily. It's designed for staffing companies that need to gather timesheets using the in/out/lunch format.

It might be a good fit for what you're looking for.

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