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I have a fairly large collaborative google docs project (around ~1000 members). The files are organized into folders and the folders as a whole are shared with all the members. Up until recently all the folders were shared properly and everything worked fine, however about a month ago I logged into google docs and the folders disappeared. According to the answer to this question, sharing a folder doesn't share the directory structure, but I'm not sure if this is a recent change. Moreover, if I click on "properties" for a file that is part of the large share, it gives me the folder it is contained in, if I click on the link to the folder it gives me a list of all files in the folder as it used to be. Even more confusingly, it says at the top "Folder Shared With Me", but if I click on "Folders shared with me" in the navigation bar it tells me there aren't any.

Is there any easy way to fix this? Google docs obviously knows the directory structure for the the shared files (I just have to do this wierd game to get to it), but doesn't seem to want to present it to me.

There are several gigabytes worth of files (Mainly video's of lectures and lecture notes and slides) and I would really prefer not to sort through them all. Especially considering stuff is added almost daily.

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