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My start page in firefox is always google, and as I use my account, everybody can always see my google email address, which I do not want to show. Is it there an option for not showing it when you are logged into google account?

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I don't think there is a setting but you could override your local css options within FireFox :)

Check out


The above uses userChrome-example.css as it changes FireFoxs UI. You would follow the above but use userContent.css. Just follow the instructions but instead of the #urlbar add.


The only problem doing it this way though is that any website using gb4 as a class name will be hidden :S

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I think there is a way to use domain name as a class/ID, so it is possible for .gb4 to be used only in the site's context. – Alexandre Rafalovitch Dec 16 '10 at 19:23

Check out the Gmail Address Hide Greasemonkey script.

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The newest version doesn't show the e-mail address, just your full name, and there are no settings for hiding it completely.

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