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In Excel, I can easily add a hyperlink to a cell by choosing the corresponding toolbar button. How do I do the same thing in a Google Doc spreadsheet?

I don't see any corresponding toolbar button or menu item. I'm using a Google Apps, if that makes any difference.

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It is the HYPERLINK function in the format of =HYPERLINK(URL; TEXT TO DISPLAY)


=HYPERLINK("www.google.co.uk"; "Google")

Do not forget there is semicolon used between the actual link from the text.

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  1. Click the Insert link icon in the toolbar:
    toolbar screenshot
    or press Ctrl+K (or) right-click the cell and select Insert link.
  2. Enter the text and link in the popup box and click Apply.
  3. Hyperlink will be added to the text.

Note that this is for the new Google Spreadsheets. If you're editing an older spreadsheet, these intstructions do not apply.

Click Hyperlink Options to know more about editing and deleting links.

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