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in face of delicious planned end of life, i'm trying to find an alternative solution for storing my bookmarks. This solution should have the following features :

  • free (like Delicious)
  • supports bookmark tagging (like Delicious)
  • supports bookmark addition through bookmarklet (like Delicious)
  • provides RSS feed for me, and each of my tags (like Delicious ... or at least I think)
  • works well with Opera (like Delicious)
  • has an easy to use user url (like Delicious ... as an example, here is mine : http://www.delicious.com/Riduidel)
  • provides easy to manipulate tags urls (as an example, delicious allows http://www.delicious.com/Riduidel/bluetooth+wii which obviously filters bookmarks for bluetooth and wii ones)
  • provides full text search on bookmarks (not like delicious)
  • maybe snapshot of website
  • maybe dead link detection/correction (using as an example http codes)

Do you know such a solution ? Thanks

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Delicious isn't going away any time soon - blogs.computerworld.com/17548/… – James L Dec 19 '10 at 11:17
Take a look at fetching.io, indexes all the pages you visit, then lets you search them later. – PETER BROWN Dec 15 '14 at 22:06

Pinboard.in provides most of the features you are looking for, although it isn't free. $25/year to get full text search.

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I'm currently in the process of testing trunk.ly, which more or less provides most of the pelasing features I mentionned upper. Obviously, there is no Opera bookmarklet yet, but a delicious synchronization tool that allow seamless bookmarking. In fact, the most missing feature seems to be the impossibility to easily combine tags in URL, which is hopefully replaced by a very powerful search engine.

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trunk.ly is down now. trunkly.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/and-now-the-end-is-near – pihentagy Oct 16 '12 at 7:20

Delicious isn't going away any time soon as James L said...

... but nonetheless, there is diigo.

It does most of the requested features and it even has an Instruction & FAQ site about the transition from Delicious to Diigo.

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Try Pinterest, the popular visual social bookmarking website for both pictures and video.

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Well, after some attempts, I finaly took the self-hosted route (which was absolutly not planned at the time of the question writing) with a very good project, which is a kind of delicious self-hosted clone : Shaarli. As one may note by looking at the very good documentation page all the features are present, and some other are nice additions (feature list borrowed from site)

Minimalist design (simple is beautiful)
Dead-simple installation: Drop the files, open the page. No database required.
Easy to use: Single button in your browser to bookmark a page
Save url, title, description (unlimited size). Classify links with tags (with autocomplete)
Tag renaming, merging and deletion.
Automatic thumbnails for various services (imgur, imageshack.us, flickr, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion…)
Automatic conversion of URLs to clickable links in descriptions. Support for http/ftp/file/apt/magnet protocols.
Save links as public or private
1-clic access to your private links/notes
Browse links by page, filter by tag or use the full text search engine
Permalinks (with QR-Code) for easy reference
RSS and ATOM feeds (which can be filtered by tag or text search)
Tag cloud
Picture wall (which can be filtered by tag or text search)
“Links of the day” Newspaper-like digest, browsable by day.
“Daily” RSS feed: Get each day a digest of all new links.
PubSubHubbub protocol support
Easy backup (Data stored in a single file)
Compact storage (1315 links stored in 150 kb)
Mobile browsers support
Also works with javascript disabled
Can import/export Netscape bookmarks (for import/export from/to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Delicious…)
Brute force protected login form
Protected against XSRF, session cookie hijacking.
Automatic removal of annoying FeedBurner/Google FeedProxy parameters in URL (?utm_source…)
Shaarli is a bookmarking application, but you can use it for micro-blogging (like Twitter), a pastebin, an online notepad, a snippet repository, etc.
You will be automatically notified by a discreet popup if a new version is available
Pages are easy to customize (using CSS and simple RainTPL templates)
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