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My step-son tried to log in to Facebook and saw that account was disabled. Supposedly because he was using a fake name, which he wasn't. Is there any way to appeal it?

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I found this at Facebook's help center: Why was my personal Facebook account disabled? At the end, it says

If you believe your account was disabled by mistake, click here.

That link takes you to a form you can use to request re-enabling the account.

It's possible that Facebook will not care about the requests though. :/ The question reminded me of a newspaper article (in Finnish; very bad Google translation here — 'valo' means 'light') about someone whose name real name is Ville Valo (i.e. he's the namesake of a well-known rock artist) who got his FB account disabled, and Facebook just refused to listen to his pleas to re-open it.

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provide a birth certificate, library card,or school id card and then take a picture with a webcam or phone and save to your computer and upload it and your account should be enabled

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