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I'm looking for a tool that help me & my wife to share our comments/hightlighted-texts on web pages that we have read.

It would be lovely to have such a tool that:

  1. Allow us to create user account
  2. Create comments & highlighted texts (called commhili) for any URL and those are stored online in our account. These stuff should be able to be updated later on.
  3. Select which users to share & collaborate updating the commhili(s) with each other.

If you know such a tool. Please share!

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The tool that immediately came to mind is Jump Knowledge but it no longer turns up in any searches so must've been discontinued. Alternatively, there's Markup.io which lets you add notes and draw on websites (not highlighting in the traditional sense though).

SharedCopy is another bookmarklet annotation tool which let's you add things like sticky-notes, lines & circles and can be stored and shared by URL.

There is a full list of tools you might be interested available here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/web-annotation-tools-research-annotate-collaborate/

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After trying for a while, I end up with using Diigo

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