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I want to display mails like hotmail. Hotmail displays inbox items seperately from other labels/folders. But in gmail even after creating fileter with labels all mails appear in inbox.

How to make gmail work like hotmail that is all the filters should go to their respective folders and should not display in inbox.

forexample if i had created a lable map and i have crated a filter which should assign the map label to it if it contains certain chars in its domain name then what i expect is i want all map items to be inside map label and not in inbox. may be it is that labels are different form the concept of hotmails folder option.

so i want to ask here do gmail have an option like hotmail automatically moving the incoming mail to the specific folder according the filter we create. ?

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When you create your filter to move the message to the label(s) you want, also check "Skip the Inbox". Then new messages that meet your filter criteria will not be in the Inbox.

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