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Widget Block is a lovely extension that blocks noisy bloat that is of no use to me and actually makes my browsing experience much worse.

The extension lists the following domains:

Does anyone know a list that I can use to block (most of) these disservices?

(I have found these two AdBlock filters, but they use the AdBlock syntax, which makes them useless to me. They might serve you well, though.)

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What do you mean? Specifically, what's wrong with the blacklist you already have? – digitxp Jan 1 '11 at 4:14
I currently use Ad Muncher on Windows, which blocks malware and ads. I don’t want to bloat my browsers too much with extensions, and I also use many different browsers, so centralizing the blacklisting to something like Ad Muncher would be preferable. However, the syntax of the aforementioned AdBlock filters doesn’t work with Ad Muncher, so I want something more general. – Kiwi Jan 1 '11 at 23:17

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Widget Block seems very difficult to amend the list of domains you want to block.

Why not just install AdBlock and follow the steps in this tutorial.

The tutorial explains how to read in a list of domains from a text file. This is far easier than Widget Block. The text file used in the tutorial looks be updated every 3 days so there is even less effort required on your part :)

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This extension works with the Adblock Plus lists. Fanboy's list works really well, or use the one you already linked from the Google CDN.

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Way back in the dark ages, before FireFox, I started using SlimBrowser. I especially like this browser because it defeats popups by default. Slimbrowser was the first tabbed browser. The popup blocker in the browser automatically kills annoying popup and pop-under ads. It uses internet explorer as it's engine, but because of the intelligence built into the browser, it makes I.E. smarter.

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