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I am wanting to start a simple daily comic. I basically want to be able to dump some pictures in a directory and for the CMS to serve them in order (they are named like comic_0001.png, comic_0002.png, etc), and provide things such as an archive view, and user commenting. I have some custom PHP software written to do everything but commenting, but instead of trying to deal with writing my own, I figured there had to be someone who had done it before.

So is there a CMS that can do this job easily without vast modifications?

Basically, I will never provide any kind of title for comics or anything else. I just want for the CMS to expose a new comic every day with the least intervention from me. I want to just dump numbered images into a directory and the CMS serve the ones it should (like, not serve the latest ones that aren't supposed to be up until some other day, but just expose one per day) automatically.

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Have you checked out ComicCMS? Quite a new tool but looks promising. But as mentioned above, WordPress is worth investigating as there's a ComicPress theme, the ComicPress Manager plugin of which has a batch upload feature. There's also another WebComic plugin available.

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Wow, that ComicPress theme looks good. –  mbillard Dec 23 '10 at 13:17

Why not just use WordPress? You could write your posts "images" and then set them to go live on what ever day :)

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Agree, there is nothing simpler than wordpress. And it's pretty expandable later on. –  Remy Dec 23 '10 at 9:43
See, because this is a once-per-day comic I'm trying to get as streamlined a process as possible. I don't want to create a useless post for every comic I put up. I want for it to just automatically serve the image. Maybe custom software is the only way? :( –  Earlz Dec 23 '10 at 9:51

I tried to check out ComicCMS and most of the links were broken. Have you tried mut8? It's free and looks like it supports everything you need—and it plugs into any site.

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I would definitely recommend Joomla as the best. You can jump start into Joomla in minutes of setup. I recommend you master the menu, modules to make your site the best.

I recommend these template providers for the best of templates and modules:

Modules from Gavick pro are astonishing and good news is they are free.


I can provide more info on request!

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Since you mentioned the word "simple" and assuming daily comics are small (1 - 6 frames).

I would strongly recommend you try to use www.debate365.com, the learning curve is very small and this is pretty suited for quickly putting together a short quote, joke or daily comic of a few frames.

If you are interested in larger number of frames, the learning curve will also be steep. If that is OK you can try to use ComicPress.

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