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I love using Delicious and share the same PC as my girlfriend. When my she logs into her Yahoo! email account, I need to log out of my Delicious account because its tied to my Yahoo! login.

So because of that, I can't use Delicious as a social bookmarking service.

I love all its features and need an alternative that also uses Firefox addon integration and tagging.

I've tried diigo.com but tagging is annoying. You can store your URL under your own tags but you don't have a clear way to later browse your tags in the Firefox addon. (The delicious approach is way much better and simple).

Any suggestion of any service?


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You could simply use different firefox profiles, this would also keep your logins, passwords and bookmarks separate. For this there is a firefox extension that will add a quick option to toggle between logins from the top-menu > file > Launch another profile.

This could have some other benefits, too. Separate bookmarks, add-ons, themes, the whole nine yards. Unless you don't want that effect. – Nathaniel Feb 12 '10 at 2:40
yeah sure, this is probably the way to go.. creating a separate windows users might be overkill if the browser is the only thing that needs separating. Also after you create a new windows user, windows goes back to day one and who wants to install (almost) everything over again. – Mohammad Feb 12 '10 at 7:44
And if it's only temporary usage needed, just open a new "Private Browsing Session" TOOLS > START PRIVATE BROWSING Your browser settings / session is untouched and secondary user can use this new "session" without any loss to your cookies / logins. – Sparx Dec 25 '10 at 7:05

Pretty much any OS will let you setup a couple user profiles. I'd just go that route.

Add a profile for her. Now your web logins and such are separate. It usually doesn't take more than a couple clicks to switch from one user profile to the next and (depending on OS) you don't even have to log one off to use the other.

I forgot the big finale: Now you don't have to replace delicious! – Chris_K Feb 11 '10 at 21:52
i usually make a desktop icon for each profile, and change the target to add these to the firefox commandline: -P profilename -no-remote ... the -P starts it with the specific profile and -no-remote makes sure that it doesn't start in the process that's already running (usually the main profile). – quack quixote Apr 25 '10 at 5:32

Pinboard is apparently what all the cool kids are using these days. It's not free, but it's cheap to join and uses an interesting pricing structure.

Here is their own comparison of why you'd want to use Pinboard vs. Delicious

Finally, here is a fairly detailed blog post about a dedicated delicious user moving to Pinboard

I still haven't found enough of a reason to jump ship - delicious does the trick for me. Hope this helps.


I'll recommend Diigo, that can even be more powerful than Delicious :

  • You can archive a whole page
  • Use tags
  • Highlight words
  • Share pages
  • Collaborate with other peoples
  • And even more …

Why don't you just use two separate browsers. You can use firefox and your girlfriend can use Chrome. This is assuming web mail is causing the issues. I used to do this to manage two gmail accounts.


I have been a wildly enthusiastic user of delicious for years, going back to creator Joshua Schacter's early versions. More recent performance and Yahoo! irritations have driven me to seek other unobtrusive alternatives. I was excited about Faviki, with semantic tagging features, but it's clunky (to me). Google Bookmarks comes close, but lacks manageability, social network features, and has similar performance issues ... I'm going to give pinboard another shot.

What I really want is a bookmark service that is portable, simple-when-adding-bmarks, and has not only the semantic tagging features of Faviki, but also the social-semantic-tagging stuff that was talked about in a recent w3c open linked data conference ... can't find the link to it! Anyway, delicious is getting old. The next wave should be awesome. Hooray!


Google Bookmarks should do what you want, but my wife and I use different user profiles, so I can still use Delicious.


Someone on Startups.com sent out an announcement for bredcrums.com, apparently something he started. I've not used it (I'm sticking with delicious! :-), so can't vouch for it, but it looks like an alternate online bookmarking service.


I use www.vizited.com. I love the design of the website. It does exactly what it promisses: your bookmarks made izi! Bookmarks are saved as thumbnails, you can tag and search and even share it with your friends. Check it out. I can recommend it.


There's also XMarks (formerly FoxMarks) - a feature not present in other services is that it can sync your bookmarks across multiple browsers and machines and the premium version also has apps for iPhone / Blackberry / Android etc.


http://historio.us is quite nice. Lets you bookmark pages with a single click if you don't care about tagging. They have good search so I generally don't care about tagging. (They do also support tagging if you want that.)


Ok, so I'm biased, but I'm building http://liink.it to serve as a delicious replacement. The plugins are great for bookmarking and tagging, but not for accessing your links yet, so it may not serve your purpose at this time.

Unlike quite a few other services, it's simple, and functional, and I'm working (literally right now!) on a delicious bookmark import tool... check out the site, store a link, and see if it'll work for you. If not, let me know what's missing! :)


Firefox has extension making it possible to open your delicious bookmarks and tag new links without need to access the delicious webpage. And you have a nice to view sidebar with search options.