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There's any good method that forces my web browser to play all Youtube videos on the lowest definition, even if the video offers a higher resolution. ?

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Log in to YouTube, go to the playback settings and select that you have a Slow Connection.

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This will use a lower resolution, but often not the lowest. e.g. 360p vs 240 or 144. – jim Oct 1 at 6:54

By adding the parameter fmt to the URL. See . Google can help you find GreaseMonkey scripts that do that automatically.

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This is better than what I posted! takes you right to the section to which he's referring. – Jesse Jackson Sep 2 '10 at 23:08

Add &hd=0 to the YouTube URL. That will display the video in 360p.


Additionally, you can add &hd=1 instead of &hd=0 to the URL to get 720p (if available).


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