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I'd like users to be able to go to a website to report bugs and feature requests for my software without logging in.

Nice to haves: a report listing the status of issues. an API so users can report issues within the application.

I'm currently using Basecamp and a Google Doc form to meet the above requirements. Maybe Basecamp can already do this and I don't know how?

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You can use BitBucket for your needs. Setup your issue tracker to be private and then your users will ba able to add new issues anonymously. Also they have an API, if you want to integrate it with your application.

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Exactly what I was looking for since this one is hosted for me. – David Silva Smith Dec 27 '10 at 23:08
@David and it's for free hosting your data up for 5 users..! :) – Lipis Dec 27 '10 at 23:32

We're using Redmine. It's a cinch to setup and deploy, The canned reports would meet most of your needs. It's Ruby on Rails (we use mongrel to run it on apache), so I don't know about the API bit, but since most of the reports use predictable URLs, you can easily give users hyperlinks which will cause the reports they want to just show up in PDF/Excel/Screen format. Out of the box you can do anonymous logins and reporting, or hook it up to your favorite LDAP directory or use the built-in authentication. We started using it with 2 users, then 4, now 40+ and it's scaling great. We have it running it on a tiny VM - it's very resource-light. We were up and running and creating issues/reporting defects within 4 hours from deciding to use it. In 3 years it's never crashed.

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Flyspray has been fairly painless for me to set up and use. Do you need printable reports or would a very savable searches do? Since it is a web app, it's fairly easy to give your users a link, or if it is a winforms app, you can host a minibrowser in your application. Flyspray supports anonymous usage, but I can't say I've used it that way much.

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I use a combination of Trac and Mylyn for a lot of my projects. They integrate right into my IDE (Eclipse) for my Java, Flex, CF and web projects. It's nice because the website is hosted locally, and it can tie into my existing database of credentials.

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