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I'm searching for free and easy to use solution like ustream but that allows me to share in real-time a power point presentation slides and that i will be able to navigate between these slides and while doing so talk to the listeners with my microphone.

Is there any solution that is not for big companies and is free of charge?

I've found some things like DimDim and other but it's too expensive and too complex for my needs and for my friends.

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DimDim offers a free option. – phwd Dec 28 '10 at 17:41

While I don't know any service that would do that for you for free, you can combine two to achieve your goal. You can create your presentation in Google Docs and setup a meeting by using Skype. While you're presenting your presentation, you can easily share a link with anybody and they will see what you're seeing.

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You can simply do that using the Google+ Hangouts. From there you can do a video conference with up to 10 people, plus you can share your screen or a particular window (recommended) with your audience.

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TeamViewer is free for personal/non-commercial use.

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You can't really use the microphone with the TeamViewer though. – Lipis Jan 7 '11 at 18:56

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