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I tried dropbox great except when I copied files which are under deep level directories it cannot support it.

So any alternatives ?

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Actually, it isn't a Dropbox issue, it is a Windows issue. Windows max length for file names is 260 characters (including C:).

One thing you can do is to reorganize your directory structure. Another thing is to shorten folder names to save characters.

Source: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=8094

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Dmailer Backup, Syncplicity, Wuala, SparkleShare, Live Mesh, SugarSync, LiveDrive, Tonido, SpiderOak, and Box.net are listed as the "Top Ten Dropbox Alternatives" by this site. The comments prove that a lot of them are really good resources.

-Hope this helps!

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Long paths and long filenames are not really the same thing, although the issues faced with the old MS-DOS 8.3 filenames are now history.

You can try Windows Live Mesh, which is available for Windows Vista onwards and MacOSX.

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