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I'm looking for a free Subversion hosting service with several gigabytes of space. . . Is it a utopia?

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Consider also checking out Mercurial. Joel has a great tutorial hginit.com and you can use bitbucket.org for free unlimited space. – Lipis Jan 4 '11 at 16:46
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Assuming it is for open source projects, you can find a list of free project hosting services that offer SVN in this Wikipedia article

Google Code provides a 1024MB repository quota & more space can be requested

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why "Assuming it is for open source "?? can you please explain that?? open-source SVN reps are very easy to find and i think nobody would need to ask question if that what he wants. – 0101 Jan 28 '11 at 11:26

I've used assembla's free account. They provide 2Gb and it can be a commerical product, as well. http://offers.assembla.com/free-subversion-hosting/

Always been quite reliable, with no issues that I've ran into.

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You may also look at github,, even if github is for git, I know they have some support for svn.

Take a look: https://github.com/blog/626-announcing-svn-support

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I second the suggestion for Assembla. It's what I use.

However, I recently implemented this, just for fun, and it works!! This works for one person in your own network. It can probably be tweaked to work with multiple people (I dunno).

  1. Get/Enable Google Drive
  2. Download VisualSVN Server free
  3. Install Visual SVN on a server in your network
  4. When installing Visual SVN, point its repository folder to the Google Drive folder

Sure the actual SVN server is not in the cloud, but your data is.

And no, you can't easily access your data from outside your network, but there are ways to get around this as well.

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I've been successfuly using Unfuddle for several years - free for my personal projects, paid version ($9/month) for customer projects. They also provide Git, Track, notebooks and group messaging - included in price.

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