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Short of using 3rd party tools, is there a way of backing up a Posterous blog? If not, how do you suggest I do it (using 3rd party tools)?

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By using their reading API 2.0 :

  1. Login to your posterous account
  2. Visit http://posterous.com/api/2/users/me/sites/primary/posts

You will receive a json file containing all your posts content.

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If you have a Mac, you can use this simple tool: http://itunes.apple.com/cz/app/posterous-backup/id415889466?mt=12

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Since posterous is shutting down end of April, they now offer a way of backing up data. Login to your Posterous account & click on the backup button to request a backup of your data.

enter image description here

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You could also try http://justmigrate.com which basically uses api to move / backup your posterous to Tumblr.

This is also a work around for wordpress 15mb limit for importing posterous backup.

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