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I know this got out of hand on MySpace and I don't think I've seen it on Facebook. Do they provide any way to do this?

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The way it got out of hand on MySpace is exactly why they don't allow it on Facebook. Uniform design is better for visitors. – nhinkle Jan 7 '11 at 4:35
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Facebook does not directly provide a service to customize your layout; but there are some 3rd party services / plugins on the net to provide Facebook layouts to your profile. I have never tried them but Naevius is one of them.

A search for "facebook layouts" using your favourite search engine should turn up some more.

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The option for Facebook layouts is through a third party app or plugin on the web. I've tried FaceTheme and Webfetti but had issues so I decided to uninstall. I am now using PageRage and I am finding that it works quite well. They also give you the option to create your own layouts.

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Not really customizing the layout, but a useful Chrome extension for hiding those annoying adverts https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/cbpaedifajkadcemkafopbniflgiimkd

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