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JSFiddle uses urls in the form of http://jsfiddle.net/<user>/<script>/<revision>/ where revision is an incremental number. Is there any way to see other revisions of a script easily via a GUI interface or is the only way to manipulate the URL?

Is there any easy way to know how many revisions a script has without needing to manually increment the variable and check to see if a script exists there?

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If it's one of your own fiddles it displays on your dashboard. There you'll see latest revision with a link.

EDIT: The GUI is updated but the functionality seems the same in this matter.

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One way to know how many versions of a script you have is to press the delete button near the script in your dashboard. It will warn you with a message such as the following:

You're about to permanently delete <script>, and <num> of its revisions.

Another way is to update the script which will cause the script to use the latest revision number available in the URL.

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