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Gmail storage space is ~ 7000 MB for me. What can I expect for Facebook. Can I send projects/videos across the platform without any holdup ?

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I believe it is advertised as unlimited,

E.g. in 2007 Facebook Photo Storage was as follows

Allow me to geek out and share some photo infrastructure statistics with you. We have:

  • 1.7 billion user photos

  • 2.2 billion friends tagged in user photos

  • 160 terabytes of photo storage used with an extra 60 terabytes available

  • 60+ million photos added each week which take up 5 terabytes of disk space

  • 3+ billion photo images served to users every day

  • 100,000+ images served per second during our peak traffic windows

This month, the Facebook Engineering Team talked a bit about the messaging platform on their blog

Since Messages accepts data from many sources such as email and SMS, we decided to write an application server from scratch instead of using our generic Web infrastructure to handle all decision making for a user's messages. It interfaces with a large number of other services: we store attachments in Haystack

And Haystack is currently being used for Photos.

Though if you start racking up tens of gigabytes, it will get ugly.

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