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I'd like to be able to generate a heat map to visualise some location-based data using some sort of nice simple mashup tool without doing any programming. Assume that I have tabular data consisting of two columns: an address column, and a number column.

Is there a web application that allows me to upload such data and then generate a nice heat map of it (say, where the "hotter" parts correspond to the higher numbers in the second column)?

One special case of this could be if I uploaded a list of weather stations and the average annual temperature recorded at that station, so hotter parts of the country would appear in red and colder parts would appear in blue.

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You can upload data from a speadsheet to Google Fusion Tables and there's examples to get started. Also try searching the google group for specific tips on creating a heat map.

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Microsoft has basically the same thing as Google...


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I use something that doesn't create heatmaps, but instead just drops pins on a google map for CSV data. it's something that I built for personal use, let me know if you'd like a link.

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