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I can't seem to find a way to move my uploaded images into an album on imgur.
Am I missing something? Is it not possible?

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It's not just you. Imgur has the most craptastic UX of all the super-popular web apps I've seen. Aside from Ctrl+V to upload, I can never find my easily through their interface. Really, really terrible. Don't know how those guys got so famous and raised $40M with such shitty usability. –  Dan Dascalescu Jan 7 at 21:24

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You need to do the following:

  • Click on Albums
  • Click on the Album Name you want add images to
  • Select Edit Album on the top right
  • select Add/Remove images

A pop-up then appears which will let you reorganise your images. The drop down on the bottom right allows to add images that are not in albums, other albums, the current album or all images.


The UI has changed slightly so you now you need to:

  • click on Albums
  • click the cog on the top right corner of the album

Album Settings

  • select Change Images

You then get this pop up where you uncheck the images to remove and select other images to add.

Add/Remove Images

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I have the same problem, but no pop-up appears, and no images get listed... Is that a bug with chrome? –  user24413 Sep 13 '12 at 15:41
I don't see those options. Instead I see this. –  Dennis Jun 12 '14 at 19:22

To do so, click albums, go into the album you would like to add your images to, click Edit Album and then Add/Remove Images.
There you can select the images you would like to move to the currently selected album.

ScreenshotScreenshot 2

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