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I'm looking for a site similar to which allows people to sign up for a participation list. works well our purposes -- no login required, nice UI -- except for one big dealbreaking problem.

Pages on are indexed by Google. Since we're using this for after-school class sign up, the names of the children are listed and this is not acceptable for our school community.

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I did some digging around PleaseBringIt's website, and it seems that you can set it to "private" mode so that no one can see who else signed up - only that the slot has been filled.

In any case, I also did some digging around and found a few alternatives that should allow you some complete privacy with your signup lists.

SignUpGenius - Allows for completely private groups and email reminders. Not as good of a UI as PleaseBringIt, but definitely usable.

Jooners - Seems to be very flexible and hassle-free, but there is a monthly fee attached to it.

If none of these work, you may consider making your own custom solution by hacking together a sheet with a form in Google Docs or on Wufoo.

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Thanks for the research, I'll look into these. – Doug Harris Jan 13 '11 at 14:01

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