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i have a small doubt. i have brought a domain name from godaddy eg:-www.btechgirls.com

i have a wordpress blog eg:- btechgirls.wordpress.com

now i want to use custom domain(www.btechgirls.com) for the blog i have i heared it charges me money for custom doamin is it correct

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2 Answers

Yes it does - $12-17 a year.

Be the master of your domain ($12 – $17/yr)

Your WordPress.com blog address is a sure sign of style, but what happens when you really get serious about controlling your online identity? It’s easy to add your own domain name, like example.com, to your existing WordPress.com blog. Or if you already have your own domain name, it’s easy to transfer it to your WordPress.com blog.

Further Premium Features can be found here


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If you want the blog to appear that it is really hosted on btechgirls.com then yes, it will cost you money. It looks like $12/year since you already own the btechgirls.com domain. See: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/

For no additional money you should be able to redirect the btechgirls.com to btechgirls.wordpress.com through GoDaddy. When a user is looking at the blog it will still be at btechgirls.wordpress.com but you can use btechgirls.com for promo, links, etc.

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I successfully did this with my blog through WordPress. I just had to redirect the domain in the GoDaddy tools. –  SchwartzE Jan 12 '11 at 20:59
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