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Is there a page on Twitter where you can view all the users you have blocked (similar to viewing your block list on Facebook)?

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Just to mention, here there is a direct link to Twitter Help Guide: Blocking people on Twitter. – warmth Apr 28 '13 at 18:13
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There isn't a way to do this using Twitter, you can only do this using a 3rd Party Site or App.

Try http://www.twitblock.org/

  • click the "more options" link
  • then select "Manage your blocks" direct link
  • You will then need log in to Twitter using the link provided to allow access to your account
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how is that possible? said third-party/app is doing exactly that with twitter's api...thats how they're going to get you the information...i'm assuming.... – albert Mar 4 '14 at 8:19
ah, so then you can do it with twitter... – albert Mar 4 '14 at 8:31

I have created a Twitter tool to view your blocking list on Twitter

Blocked By Me will show you a detailed list of all the users you are blocking with an option to unblock any of them.

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This is actually really good. Nice job! – cregox Feb 21 '14 at 22:32

You can now find all blocked accounts on Twitter settings page.

Twitter Official page for "Accounts you're blocking"

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