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Checking many sites every morning for news can be a bit time consuming. I wonder if there is a web application where I can see multiple pages at once and go through them and view the top news.

For instance a page that runs on high resolution and show a small version of the sites and when I hoover the iconified site you can view it in full size. I think I saw something similar doing reddit, digg and other link sites some time back.

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This site allows you to view as many pages in the one window http://www.simulty.com/. Obviously the more you add the harder to see the content on the different sites.

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Viewista does this.

Enter your URLs (comma, space, or line separated -max 200), and then you select one of the view modes:

  • Slide Show
  • Vertical
  • Two Column
  • Horizontal
  • 2x2 Grid
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No longer valid – grm Nov 12 '13 at 13:48

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