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I'm currently involved in rolling out a web app to a US based host and need to do some objective analysis of the performance of the website from various locations around the world. I'd like to quantify the time taken to perform certain tasks within the app then compare these to the same tasks against the same app when it's hosted somewhere more geo-convenient to the users. This is all ultimately to help make some informed decisions about where certain apps should be hosted.

I can do much of this myself using Fiddler but I need others to test from different locations around the world. Are there any tools designed to profile performance that can be installed and run by an end user? It would need to capture a series of browsing activities and ideally present a report of durations.

Any thoughts on the best approach for this? Any dedicated tools or just piece it together from Fiddler?

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WebPagetest offers a free service that provides an web page assessment of a submitted URL & also let's you choose from 17 test locations (as of Jan 2011) in USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, China, Australia, New Zealand, India to conduct an actual perf test. It also lets you choose browser type (IE 7 or IE 8) & connection type (Dial-up, DSL, Custom).

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Yes, WebOagetest is a great tool. Check this for more info –  Coder Hawk Jan 15 '11 at 5:35

In addition to WebPageTest, which is fantastic, you can also use Full Page Test from Pingdom.

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