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Why isn't there one? Has anyone thought about this already?

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On a related note, you can the bo.lt service to archive a web page & its page elements & also share that as a link - labnol.org/internet/archive-web-pages/20192 – mvark Oct 14 '11 at 8:35

From what I can see, looking at the W3C website, there is not. I don't know WHY not, but I would waste time with that if I was the W3C. There is enough of a problem with non-adoption of web standards as it is without introducing new ones.

You can always "save the complete page" (not a direct quote) in Firefox anyway, then if you want to pretend its saved in a special format you can always .tgz it and rename it to mycompletepage.awesomearchive (assuming you're not using FAT of course :P)

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Saving entire website as single file in hard drive is not World Wide Web. It is a problem of puting multiple files into one, this is usualy achieved with archiving tools

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