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I'm working as an C/C++ programmer. As I'll be coding, I feel some parts of my code have to be saved for future reference. Since I frequently experiment with my PC, I feel saving in my hard-disk is not a good option. So, I would like to save my pieces of code in some online repository which helps me for future reference of the logics & algos which I've written. Please suggest any app, that save my code pieces. Thank you


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If it's just for pieces of code/algorithms :

For "real" projects : https://github.com/

GitHub keeps your public and private code available, secure, and backed up. Stop hoarding code on your hard drive; it takes less than a minute to push code up to GitHub and start collaborating with others.

+1 for github's gist feature –  Piers Karsenbarg Jan 18 '11 at 13:32
  • There is github for git, not free.
  • There is bitbucket for mercurial, is free.
  • There is kiln for mercurial, not free.
  • There is assembla for git, mercurial and subversion, not free.
Github is free as in beer for 300 MB of storage. Somehow after a couple years and 25+ repos I'm still using less than 20% of that. –  l0b0 Feb 14 '11 at 16:20

you could always use a subversion repository such as kenai.com which is free and integrates with any subversion client. Then you are able to store snippets within a project or something similar that is backed up.

Failing that, I would suggest Evernote as suggested above.


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