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There was a time when it was easy to subscribe to a project and receive mail when a new release comes out. Then the new subscriptions was suspended because of a site upgrade and I was still receiving the mails from previously subscribed projects but I never found the option to subscribe to new projects, even when the upgrade was finished. Was the option restored? Where is it?

Thanks in advance.

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You can subscribe to a File Release RSS.

Taken from :


Project RSS Feed: Project File Releases
Description: A feed of the most recent file releases made by a
project, including details of the > files included in the release. 

Related site URL (i.e. source of content): File Release page for
project URL to feed: Project-specific URL 
Feed options: &rss_limit=LIMIT 
- Limit (or increase the limit of) the number items shown in the feed
(default 10, max 100) where LIMIT is a positive integer

Feed usage: Rather than monitoring a file release package and receiving
updates via email, you may instead use this RSS feed to keep apprised
of when file releases are made by a project. 

Content notes: This feed includes basic file release information
(title); as well as the username of the developer who handled the file
release, a listing of files within the > release, and links to downloadable
files and release notes (description). Additional information about the File
Release System may be found in our, "Guide to the File Release System". 
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Meh, I want to keep receiving the mails. Do I still have this option? – Ither Jan 23 '11 at 4:49
Not as far as I know, so that's why I have been registering to the RSS feeds of certain projects instead. – Faust Feb 25 '11 at 19:49

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