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I have my friends properly organized in lists, I currently only care about news feed from one list and companies that I have liked.

The other lists are just useless for me, it would be pain to hide posts from each in other list, or unfriend everyone else. I am wondering is there a way to filter news feed to just the list I can choose?


Okay, I figured out clicking on most recent allows me select the list I care about to show only those feeds, however it doesn't save as default setting, and it revert back to default setting. Any clue?

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There is no way to do this currently within Facebook UI.

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If you just want to view a single list of friends. Why not make a bookmark for that friend list, and put it in your browser's bookmarks toolbar for easy access, then whenever you visit Facebook, instead of going to the default facebook page at facebook.com, click your friends list bookmark instead.

BTW if you want the "Most Recent" setting to stick permanently, you need to use a browser extension to force it, as Facebook's interface is designed to "forget" your setting preference.

The FB Purity browser extension has an option to force Facebook to stay on the "Most Recent" newsfeed. You can get it here: http://fbpurity.com

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