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I just got an invite to Google Storage for Developers. https://code.google.com/apis/storage/ I don't know whether or not to except it, because I'm confused as to whether or not a cost is involved.

"Important: During the preview, each user will receive up to 100 GB of data storage monthly at no charge. Network usage and request usage will be billed. There is also a 1000 GB storage limit, but you can request more storage capacity if needed. For more information about quotas and storage limits, see the FAQ." This sounds like free storage is available, but accessing it isn't free.

I've read on some blogs that there is 300GB free bandwidth but that was 7 months ago (May 2010) when it was first released. Would anyone in the community know if it is free? Thanks.

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According to the information here it is still free although billing information is required to sign up.

Important: Google Storage for Developers now requires billing information for all accounts. The existing promotion (100 GB of data storage monthly at no charge) will continue; customers will be alerted when this promotion ends and all data storage is billed. The storage limit defaults to 1000 GB, but you can request more storage capacity if needed. For more information about quotas and storage limits

It seems that they will email you when the promotion is due to end - at which point the following pricing structure will apply.

Google Storage for Developers pricing is based on usage. Storage usage and bandwidth usage is calculated in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB = 2 power 30 (1,073,741,824) bytes.

  • Storage
    • $0.17/GB/month
  • Network
    • Upload data to Google
      • $0.10/GB
    • Download data from Google
      • $0.15/GB for Americas and EMEA
      • $0.30/GB for Asia-Pacific
  • Requests
      • $0.01 per 1,000 requests
    • $0.01 per 10,000 requests
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