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In my iGoogle list (when logged into Gmail), I currently have:

Gmail   Calendar   Documents  Photos   Web   More v

Until today, I had:

Gmail   Calendar   Documents  Reader   Web   More v

My question is, why did it change from Reader to Photos and how do I change it back?

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They should simply add it somewhere in the settings on what we want in that list.. :) – Lipis Jan 22 '11 at 0:29
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It looks like somebody did something and it might get fixed.

From a Google Employee on their official forums:

Hi folks,

Sorry if I caused confusion with my first post - I meant to say that we're trying to get the Google Reader link fixed in Gmail. Google Reader itself isn't broken.

Until we do, you can find the link to Google Reader by clicking on 'More' at the top of your Gmail window- Reader is the first in the drop down menu.



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