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Say I use this search in Google, which I know will return a result because I have a page in my site (mysite.com) with that text:

wow I like pickles site:mysite.com

Is there any way to see what rank my site's page would be in a Google site without using the site: search axis, without paging through the list of search results to find my page?

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Or maybe this should go over to webmasters.SE? – squillman Jan 23 '11 at 4:15
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Very easy!

Use Rank Checker. It even has an extension for Firefox.


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meh, would rather not sign up for anything... – squillman Jan 23 '11 at 5:24

Sign up for Google Webmaster tools. Among the many tools there is a chart of your position in search results for particular search terms.

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It's not possible to tell, because the search position is different for different people depending on their previous search history.

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