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I have a spreadsheet with 3 columns:


Subtotal, for example, is 1000 to start, like:

|      |      | 1000     |

Then I want to be able to add an item like:

|      |      | 1000     |
| item | 50   |          |

I want subtotal to update now.

I know I can do:


But I want it to be dynamic like:


Where BX is this B and CX is this C -1 row (the row above the current one to subtract one)

How an I do this with GDocs?

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Simply copy your formula from that cell to each cell below. Copying formulas with relative references (those without $) adjusts them automatically.

I think you have your coordinates backwards, though. Cell C2 contains "1000" and cell B3 contains "50", so your formula in C3 should be =MINUS(C2,B3) (or =C2-B3).

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Oops, yes, it is backwards! How do I make "relative" refs and not absolute ones? – Oscar Godson Feb 1 '11 at 19:54
Nevermind! Yes this is easy, just copy and paste and it knows! – Oscar Godson Feb 1 '11 at 19:57

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