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I am looking for web apps for symbolic and numerical mathematics.

I am not interested in what could be considered advanced (pocket) calculators and I know that Google search and Wolfram Alpha can also be used for many types of calculation.

I am thinking of apps with capabilities similar to that of Maple/Mathematica/Matlab/Octave and so on. Not that they have to be that advanced, but some kind of worksheet with input/output, simple scripting (for loops, etc.) should be available. Plotting would also be nice.

I realize that such an app would require a lot from the servers (if many users where doing heavy calculations) but maybe somebody have found a solution?

The apps that I have found so far are these:

Open source projects are preferred, even if not in a "mature" state.

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Try Sage Online: Sage Math or AXIOM and others here

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Try Omega—Computer Algebra System Explorer.

Here is a quick reference.

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Mathics has Mathematica-compatible syntax and functions.

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You can try out Octave Online. It supports interactive sessions as well as scripting and plotting for GNU Octave. I am on the development team for Octave Online.

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