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I like how sites like Amazon and Netflix use recommendation algorithms to figure out what kinds of other products I might be interested in. Does Groupon need to be trained to know what I like, or does everyone just see the same deal each day?

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You can get personalised deals along with the city-wide "spotlight" deal (providing it is a different deal). You need to ensure that you have completed your personalisation information.

Taken from this GroupOn Blog Post

What do I see if Groupon doesn’t have any personalization information about me?

There will continue to be a city-wide “spotlight” deal for when we know nothing about a subscriber. If we know a little personalization information, subscribers will see their personalized deal instead (we’ll also show them the city-wide spotlight deal if it’s different).

I don't think their "personalised deals" are as sophisticated as Amazons recommendations etc but it's a start.

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