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Are there any safe (secure) web apps available that will allow you to do P2P sharing? Before anyone asks no i am not referring to pb or anything of that nature, however something that could be a limewire replacement in the web would be most close to what I am seeking.

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p2p normally means endpoint to endpoint. webapps run on the server / the cloud, a user connects to the services through a browser.

so, real peer 2 peer will be a bit .. strange with browser-server.

to establish a session between end points (through firewalls) you have to have a central instance which helps to establish the connection. i do not think that this kind of help could be called "webapplication".

anyway, some things look promising:

  • opera unite is browser 2 browser
  • websockets could be user to initiate a browser 2 browser connection
  • iirc, flash supports p2p as well (eg. transfers their video stuff via p2p flash).
share|improve this answer is invite only right now but is basically a web based torrent client. Works with rapidshare links as well.

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but just because that service downloads stuff to its servers does not make it "web based p2p", imho. it is just cloud-storage with a nice method to fill it up :) – akira Jul 3 '10 at 12:03

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