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I was able in the past to do that, but I can't find how anymore.

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All I had to do is to click in the "Translate" button and the URL was updated. The instant translation doesn't update the URL.

The URL format is:


If you want to translate a webpage, use:


destination_language must be a language code, like en for English or pt-BR for Brazilian Portuguese. You can also set a value for sl (source language) instead of "auto".

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Here's another alternative that works if you wanted to share the link on Facebook for instance:


Example http://translate.google.com/#auto/en/С+днём+рождения!

This link, when clicked would take you to the Google Translate page, auto detect the language, and translate it from Russian into English. The "+" symbols are needed between the words in the phrase to be translated to insure that Facebook includes the entire phrase in the link.

For your convenience, here's a list of language abbreviations used by Google Translate:

The following table contains a recent list of languages supported by Google Translate.

No. Language Name   Native Language Name    Code

1   Afrikaans   Afrikaans           af
2   Albanian    Shqip                   sq
3   Arabic          عربي            ar
4   Armenian    Հայերէն                 hy
5   Azerbaijani آذربایجان دیلی          az
6   Basque          Euskara                 eu
7   Belarusian  Беларуская          be
8   Bulgarian   Български           bg
9   Catalan         Català                  ca
10  Chinese (Simp.) 中文简体                    zh-CN
11  Chinese (Trad.) 中文繁體                    zh-TW
12  Croatian    Hrvatski            hr
13  Czech           Čeština                 cs
14  Danish          Dansk                   da
15  Dutch           Nederlands          nl
16  English         English                 en
17  Estonian    Eesti keel          et
18  Filipino    Filipino            tl
19  Finnish         Suomi                   fi
20  French          Français            fr
21  Galician    Galego                  gl
22  Georgian    ქართული         ka
23  German          Deutsch                 de
24  Greek           Ελληνικά            el
25  Haitian Creole  Kreyòl ayisyen          ht
26  Hebrew          עברית                   iw
27  Hindi             हिन्दी                       hi
28  Hungarian   Magyar                  hu
29  Icelandic   Íslenska            is
30  Indonesian  Bahasa Indonesia    id
31  Irish           Gaeilge             ga
32  Italian     Italiano            it
33  Japanese    日本語             ja
34  Korean      한국어                 ko
35  Latvian     Latviešu            lv
36  Lithuanian  Lietuvių kalba      lt
37  Macedonian  Македонски          mk
38  Malay       Malay               ms
39  Maltese     Malti               mt
40  Norwegian   Norsk               no
41  Persian     فارسی               fa
42  Polish      Polski              pl
43  Portuguese  Português           pt
44  Romanian    Română              ro
45  Russian     Русский             ru
46  Serbian     Српски              sr
47  Slovak          Slovenčina          sk
48  Slovenian   Slovensko           sl
49  Spanish     Español             es
50  Swahili     Kiswahili           sw
51  Swedish     Svenska             sv
52      Thai            ไทย                     th
53  Turkish     Türkçe              tr
54  Ukrainian   Українська          uk
55  Urdu        اردو                    ur
56  Vietnamese  Tiếng Việt          vi
57  Welsh       Cymraeg             cy
58  Yiddish     ייִדיש                  yi
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Just go on Google Translate and paste the URL to translate in the left box. Select your target (and source) language and click on the resulting link in the right box.

You will be redirected to the translated website in the desired language. The URL can be shared with others to share the translated website.

Because the translation URLs are very long, I tend to shorten them with http://goo.gl/.

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