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I can't login normally in web services such as Twitter, Facebook, IsoHunt. Sometimes I get the message wrong username and password, sometimes not. I tried on a different OS in a VBox but problem exists. What may be the problem?

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It could be anything. The most likely explanation is that you mistyped your username or password, but without a great deal more information it's not likely that you'll get any help. –  ChrisF Feb 7 '11 at 23:08
well am serious here. and you say i mistype my password. i changed it 10 times to be simpler like 123456 so dont tell,me that i mistyped it. are we helping here or are we farting? –  user8478 Feb 8 '11 at 9:16

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Check your keyboard layout; this would happen if you accidentally switched to a different input language.

(Or you may have forgotten your password)

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Subsequently, user mentioned an all numeric PW (though not how this was changed without being able to log in), do you happen to know whether there is an input language which would make a difference for numbers (assuming NumLock etc is set correctly)? –  pnuts Jun 27 at 11:25

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