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I receive lots of emails from people with screenshots, sometimes inlined, and they usually don't bother to scale the image. That means that I have to scroll to the right to get to the "Reply button", and looks generally ugly.

Is there a settings, a Chrome plugin, or a Greasemonkey script that will cause Gmail to resize the inline image if it's too large?

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you could start replying using shortcuts.. :) – Lipis Feb 8 '11 at 10:16
Yup. Enable shortcuts in your Settings and when you are inside gmail, pressing "r" will give you the reply window. – Stealth Mar 24 '11 at 18:42

When using Chrome, install Stylebot with this stylesheet: http://stylebot.me/styles/4169

Works for me!

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Other than the great shortcut suggestion, you can disable images from your e-mails (under General Mail Settings) and manually pick one by one specific senders who you trust won't mess your layout.

Also, here's a general Greasemonkey script that someone oddly said only works on Gmail.

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That Greasemonkey script didn't work quite right for me, so I tweaked it a bit and packed it up as an extension.

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