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When looking at a numbered list that starts at the number 1, the row numbers are potentially confusing. (Assuming one has row 1 as column heading labels, item 1 will be on row 2, item 2 on row 3, and so on.)

Is there a way to turn off row and column headings, as there is in most spreadsheet programs?

In case I'm not making sense, the picture below should clear things up: enter image description here

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No, it's not possible - see here. This sounds like a good feature request for Google Docs.

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Go to File > Publish to the Web, then under "Get a link to the published data" select "Web page", then the sheet you wish to publish. Then select the cells you wish to show. Then copy the generated link.

You may have to play with the sharing options (ie anyone with the link can edit).

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That's a good suggestion....but perhaps needs a bit more facts. Can you show us a screenshot? –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Oct 10 '13 at 20:01
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