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I'm looking for a web-based solution for employee notifications. It needs to contact ~125 employees via e-mail and receive back and track confirmations (more than one e-mail per employee would be better. It would be additionally useful (if after a period of non-response) it could start sms/calling people until they responded back.

This is needed for a 24 hour operation where accountability is required.

Seems like this could be accomplished in conjunction with gmail/google voice.

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Gmail and Google Voice could help here but there is some work required to create a complete solution for you. There is also a service called Twilio for SMS notifications. Invariably this will involve some programming so that that you don't have to manually enter numbers etc, and perform lots of manual clicks.

You might want to check out EmployeeNotification.com and EverBridge for a service that doesn't require you to do (or manage) software development.

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