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I have a handful of PDF files I've written which I'd like to put online for free.

I've uploaded some to Google docs, but I don't like how the files look when previewed in the browser. It seems like one is just looking at an image of the PDF, as opposed to actually viewing the PDF with a reader in the browser.

Is there a decent place to upload PDFs so they'll be immediately previewable in the browser, and appear as if one is actually reading it with Acrobat or Foxit or some other similar program? I used to use Wordpress, but that platform has become a little complicated for my tastes recently.


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I would use Dropbox and put it in the shared folder so you can give a URL to share it.

You can view the PDF in the broswer like a normal one too.

Viewing there is good, but if you rename or move the folder, links to the folder no longer work. – dmonopoly Dec 30 '12 at 2:22

You could start a blog with something like Tumblr, Wordpress or Blogger and just post your files. Also file sharing places like Box.net and Dropbox would work fine too.


I've tried dropbox, scribd and googledocs, but I would strongly suggest issuu.com ..

Once you upload it, you can generate a script which will let you embed the pdf into your website/blog and the use the issuu native reader to flip pages and go through your document within your site itself!

Using the free account gives you limited customization capabilities, (you know, there will be ads, no downloads, limited uploads, etc.,) but that works for me. If you want no ads, downloads, etc., upgrade your account.