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I was wondering after the recent election at SO what software does this site use to run the election.

I know you use OpenSTV to check the results but what about the voting.

Say I have a WordPress site or a site where I have some members and I want to have a election is there a way that I can use the Stack Overflow software or is that closed sourced.

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This isn't really a meta question (though it is borderline) as it's asking about online elections in general but mentions SE as functionality required. –  ChrisF Feb 11 '11 at 10:24
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OpenSTV now has a free online voting platform called Opal. I am the author of OpenSTV so I apologize for the shameless plug but you are already interested in OpenSTV and you are looking for a free resource which OpenSTV now provides so I hope this is helpful.

Note that you can't yet do this from your own site, but that is something that could be provided in the future.

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