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The company I work at has just installed 3 TV's that all mirror the same display provided by a PC in the basement. Currently the guy in charge has it showing a slide show via PowerPoint. He is unhappy and it is now up to me to come up with something better.

He just wants a place to show information maybe ticker style, important directory extensions, maybe a slide show, and current date and time. It doesn't seem too hard.

I am not a web-developer, but I have some experience. Are there any web-aps I can use for this? Or any other ideas I'm not considering at the moment? Currently my only idea is to try and figure out how to make this a website he can easily edit and I'll just have the computer restart nightly and automatically open to this website and full-screen itself.


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You'll find good information in this -just released- blog post (not mine) : http://mygengo.com/talk/blog/why-your-startup-needs-a-visual-dashboard/

Be sure to check the 'How to do it' section which is the more relevant to your question.

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That's a great link - reminds me of the Panic status board - goo.gl/88aGX –  Whitingx Mar 18 '11 at 11:17

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