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I have about 10 unfinished and 10 completed tasks in my Google Task list.

To mark a task as 'done', I click on a checkbox, this puts a strikethrough through the task. This still leaves the a cluttered list of tasks in my task list.

My other choice is to purge all tasks in my task list, using "Actions: Clear Completed Tasks". However, this deletes all of my tasks. I'd like to keep the task list around, for posterity.

Is there a way to hide my completed tasks from view, without deleting them?

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Actually, marking a task as complete doesn't delete it, even after you choose "clear completed tasks". You can always view completed tasks. In the console view ( https://mail.google.com/tasks/a/yourdomain.com/canvas ) just choose the "Completed tasks" view. In Gmail or Gcal, you can choose "Actions/View Completed Tasks".

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That's great. I had no idea that I could access tasks outside of Gmail/Gcal. This works for my work's Google Apps hosted account. It also works for my regular (non-hosted) gmail/gcal account. It's viewable at mail.google.com/tasks/canvas – Stefan Lasiewski Aug 9 '10 at 23:52

I think it is not possible to just hide tasks. Your options are either strike through or delete.

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Not currently possible. – Al E. Jul 3 '10 at 0:49

You could just move them to their own list.

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And this is what I did. I created a second list called "Completed Tasks", and I moved any completed tasks to that list. It's a kunky solution which requires many clicks, but it's what I'll do for now. – Stefan Lasiewski Jul 6 '10 at 18:26
After this, @Herb Caudill pointed out that Google Tasks offers a "Completed Tasks" view. However, it's a little bit hidden when you are using Google Mail or Google Calendar. – Stefan Lasiewski Aug 16 '10 at 22:23

As mentioned in the previous post if you clear completed tasks they are still viewable by selecting completed tasks in the canvas view.

After having tried 100's of productivity and GTD apps, google tasks in canvas view and set as my homepage is the best thing I've found to date, especially because my completed tasks are timestamped and available for review at the end of the month.

For anybody on a productivity trek who may be interested my lists are: Coordinate, Compose, Delegate, Follow up and Review. I find I don't need an inbox as to date I have always been able to put tasks directly into these lists. Hope it may be useful to someone!

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We created a very simple service which allows you to mark your google calendar events as done: http://eventask.org. We use it on a daily basis, you’re welcome to try it out :)

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Clear Completed Tasks: To clear or hide completed tasks from your task list, click “Actions” at the bottom of the “Tasks” window and select “Clear completed tasks” from the popup menu.enter image description here

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This method was already mentioned within the question post as a non-solution. – SightSpirit Dec 11 '15 at 21:09

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