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I'm using 37signals' Basecamp webapp for collaborating with many people on data standards. Generally I like the product. There are a few issues like not being able to easily follow a topic or wiki (writeboard) for changes. Their wiki-mechanism kind of sucks (finicky, no nested lists, tables, etc).

The biggest issue I have is that I can't seem to make everything public. Though you should need a login to contribute or collaborate, I want the outside world to see what we're working on as easily as possible. I want all of our great content to be search engine indexable. I'd like to not have a separate front end site for the world to see and a different site for us members to collaborate with.

Any webapps like Basecamp that I should be looking at instead?

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Yeah it's crazy how basecamp doesn't support this. It seems they can do it for their own internal projects - basecamp.com/public-projects - but not for normal people. Very very lame. – balupton Jul 15 '13 at 12:49
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One possible solution is to use a combination of Google Apps.

  • Google Site for the public view and wiki
  • Google Code for code sharing, issue tracking, tasks
  • Google Docs for formal documentation
  • Google Groups

You can get very creative with this. Good luck.

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I have used SharePoint to solve that problem but unless you have a team of developers, I would not go down that road. I checked on AlternativeTo and there is a startup called TeamLab that may be just what you need. They even offer a Basecamp import feature. It is offerered as SaaS or Open Source software.

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Just briefly going through their docs and video, I didn't get the impression your projects could be made public. Can you do this? – at01 Feb 18 '11 at 22:00

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